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Sonic Foundry lives by two main tenets: first, don't change the way presenters present and second, get this recorded knowledge to the audience as quickly and as easily as possible.

Because webcasting is becoming an everyday part of the way people work and learn, they are driven to shorten the time it takes people not only to share their information but also to find the information they need.

So while todays leading-edge universities use Mediasite for lecture capture and corporations webcast training modules, Sonic Foundry envisions a future where people around the globe use Mediasite to accelerate research and improve performance.

They believe in the future:
• Every classroom, every meeting hall, every conference room will have Mediasite in it, just as you see projectors now.
• Every minute of every day, millions of students around the world will log on to watch or review class via Mediasite.
• In every country on the planet, the most talented researchers will Mediasite their findings and use powerful search technologies to spur major breakthroughs in science and medicine.
• Mediasite content will become standard operating procedure for every HR, customer service and training department, and workers will share their expertise within the workplace via Mediasite.
• Every CEO will address the entire global organization from his/her desk.
• Every conference will Mediasite each keynote, breakout and session.
• Greenhouse gases and carbon footprints will decrease. Grades, profits and company morale will increase thanks in a small part to Mediasite.

As a company, Sonic Foundry is helping create the libraries of tomorrow with technology that doesn't compound the world's information overload. They are working to put a human face on all knowledge online, and believe the world will be more knowledgeable, more connected as a result.
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